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xlights/nutcracker 3.2.7 released.


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ver 3.2.7 is released

This content is brough to you by Frankr. Thanks Frank!


Up until this release when you click export , every channel in your SETUP tab will be exported. Sometimes you might want to make a megatree or arch in nutcracker and just bring that into your sequencer. Frank has added the ability to export only the channels associated with a model.


Second item is this release; Frank has fixed the channels that were wrong on a window model.





3.2.7: - Bug (frankr) Windows model displayed wrong channel counts. 

- Enhancement (frankr) You can now export just one model instead of every channel that is in your setup

1st method: "export" This does not look at models and instead exports every channel that has been defined 

in your setup Tab

2nd method (new): "Export Model". You now can pick the model that is attached to your sequence and only export

those channels. For example, I have megatree, arches, eaves. If I select megatree only the channels

associated to that model will be exported. This will make much, much smaller LOR lms,lcb or vixen vix,vir files.

3.2.6: - Bug (Sean) Removed Linus and Lucy mp3 file from songs directory, we don't distribute mp3's

- Enhancement (Frankr and djulien). New hot keys created.

F3 Toggles between PLAY/STOP for far left "Play Effect" button

F4 Toggles between PLAY/STOP for top "Play" button

F3 -- will start to play an effect (left play) if none is playing and no sequence is playing

if an effect is playing it will stop playing. if a sequence is playing it will

stop playing and the current effect will play.  This allows for easy editing of an effect.

F4 -- Starts playing a sequence (top play) from the current selected cell

If a sequence is playing it will be stopped.

F5 Same as clicking the "Update Grid" button

Ctl-o Same as clicking the open button

Ctl-s save as clicking the save file button

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