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I remember reading a while ago that LOR plans on releasing a developers kit with LOR II. Does anyone know if that is still going to happen?

Here is a short thread that talks about it a little. It was the only one that I could find. I thought that I saw another one a while ago but I couldn't seem to find it.



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I am not 100% positive as the post in PC has been removed....

...Nevermind, I found it


Dan's first post,

LORII – “Showtime Software Suite” Our next generation of software. (a free upgrade to existing customers) LOR has been completely re-engineered to provide an even simpler user interface with new wizards for those who want to keep things easy AND a number of high-powered features for those who want to go to the next level of complexity. A complete list of features will be posted at a later date.

A new, communication protocol will be introduced that allows LOR future flexibility. This new protocol will support many new lighting effects and provide enhanced reliability for our new wireless connections. NOTE: Existing LOR controllers/firmware will not work with LOR II. All existing LOR controllers will be upgraded to this new protocol free of charge.

For programmers, a LOR SDK will be supplied that allows you to directly control LOR controllers, X10 and DIO cards from your software.
(Available 2nd quarter)

Did I miss something?

--Daniel L
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Jeff Millard wrote:

I remember the discussion but not the facts. Had LOR claimed they were going to release the protocol in developers kit form or was that just grapevine? I know someone that would just love to have his hands on the protocol. However, when I asked this question to Dan face to face he said it wasn't in their business plans. I'm paraphrasing, but I'm pretty sure of what I was hearing.

Due to the fact that LOR II will be released prior to the hardware firmware upgrade, I wonder if there will be major changes in the protocol as was originally thought by most. My reason for wondering... if the protocol has major changes then we might be able to convince Dan to release the old stuff...:cool:


Dan's been talking about possibly releasing some sort of developer's kit since the original LOR product announcement at PLUS 2003. At that point, it was only something being considered, not an official claim/announcment...

What I'd like to do is control our "Merry Christmas" sign which uses an Atmel AVR-based home-grown controller via the LOR software. It also might be fun to be able to write custom programs to control LOR hardware.

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