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Importing 5 smart pixel strips into SS and treat as 1 strip?


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I have 5 smart pixel strips on the gutter line of the house. They span the front of the house. I would like to import them into Superstar and be able to program them as one LONG strip. The problem is the last 2 strips are in a second universe. Here is the breakdown.


               Start address    End Address      universe

Strip 1         199                   297                       1

Strip 2          298                  429                       1

Strip 3          430                  486                       1

Strip 4            1                      81                       2

Strip 5            82                  162                       2


So how do I import it so that I can run a chase or a morph from the left side of the house all the way to the right side of the house?





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Do you already have a visualization of the lights? If so when you import the visualization and the "Import Visualization" dialog box appears, set the sequencing grid "Max Length" to 200. 200 is the highest you can set. Then import the visualization. It should put the lights in one long sequencing row, as long as there are 200 pixels or less in the row.


Note that it does not matter that the strips are in different universes.


If it doesn't import properly, email your visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it. The visualization file will end with .lee and will be at:


c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ Visualizer \ Editor

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