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Regulated Power Supply for FM Transmitter


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This will be my third year running a Christmas show.  First year, 16 channels, last year 32 channels, and this year will be 64 channels with a controller in reserve.


I started out with the Whole House Transmitter sold by LOR, and it was OK (my kids would say 'meh').  On the recommendation of a LOR guru I bought the Performance Teknique 40 Channel Stereo FM

The problem was that it didn't come with a power supply.  I tried to use a wall wart from an old router I had laying around, but the ensuing buzzing ruled that out, so I went back to the Whole House unit.
My budget is super stretched in doubling my show this year -- is there any cheap and easy solution?
Can I use the 12 VDC output from a PC power supply, for example?
Thanks for leading a newb by the nose!
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My old RX came with a broken power supply. I used a 12V / 2A power supply from an external hard drive instead - that worked pretty nice.

I would not use the 12 V bus from a computer - usually that power is pretty "dirty" meaning there is a lot of distortion which will give you a bad signal.

See if you have a different power supply and make sure it has enough power. As I said - power supplies from external hard drives are usually pretty usable for all kinds of things.

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Thank you!  I have some various bricks around and will try those.  If I can do it for free, that is more money I can spend on lights!

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