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Anyone use a guest book with your display?


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Anyone use a guest book with your display?   Any pic and how do you waterproof it.  Is it really worth it to have one?

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Never heard of anyone doing it.

Maybe it's done online on Facebook, twitter or something like that. But at the actual location? I don't see folks messin with that IMHO.

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I've used a guestbook since my second year animated.  I don't put it out in rainy weather and bring it in every night.  It's fun to see the comments and where everyone is from.  Ive had people from all over the world.  Kinda cool.

I also use the guestbook as a tool.  I keep the book right by the donation box.  We do not ask people to donate but do ask them to sign the guest book.  Probably 80% of the time when people sign the book, they also donate.  Even the little kids who can barely write get to sign even though sometimes they take half a page up for their name.   I use a  guest book from the Party Store.  I probably could find a cheaper one online, but haven't looked.

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