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I need to find 80 channel sequences with 48 channel mega tree


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I have had so much help with getting sequences, but I have been working and staying up nights and I just can't seem to adjust anything to fit what I am trying to do. 


Most of what I have gotten are either so many more channels or just beyond my capabilities to organize into my setup.


Please if you know where there are any 80 channel 4 color sequences point me in that direction.


My mega tree will be 48 channels  12 of each Red, white & blue + green I have many many 24 channel 3 color & some 32 channel 4 color sequences. I just can not wrap my mind around how to get them to my mega tree needs. 


I will have:


4 colors of icicles

4 colors on windows ( all windows on same 4 channels)

4 colors on crepe myrtle in front of house

4 colors on small hedges n front of house

4 colors on large bush in front of house

4 colors on a small real Tree

3 channels for star on mega tree (all white)

1 channel for white reindeer

1 channel for white Santa Clause

1 channel for blo-mold soldier

1 channel for LED spotlight on large sitting blowup Santa Clause

1 channel for tune to sign


My goal is to wash back and forth through all four colors, with the white hitting hard notes or crescendos. Kind of like the effect the Holdman house videos do, although I do not have nearly the trees or decorations he has. Just looking for the color changing effects. There has to be 32 channel sequences with four color effects somewhere and 48 channel 4 color mega tree sequences.


I am also looking for some great 48 channel 4 color non musical sequences for the Mega tree just very cool effects to run after the show with the other 32 channels just fading and/or shimmering.


Any and all help is appreciated, as well are links to anything that is what or close to what I am needing




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Okay, after posting this I got on the ball and have found most what I need that I think I can modify. If anyone has any of these songs for 80 channels with multi color mega tree please help.


The Christmas Shoes Newsong (no other artist will do for this one)


Tom Hanks Hot Chocolate (no other artist will do for this one)


Christmas with a Capital "C" Go Fish (no other artist will do for this one)


Mary Did You Know Clay Aiken (no other artist will do for this one)

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Also looking for sequences with 48 c hannel mega if anyone is sharing.  Thank you firedude_1@msn.com

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