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50' tree, permanent install technique?

need lights

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I have to rent a boom lift to install lights on my 50' tall tree in my front yard. problem is it cost about 500.00 each time to rent it for the weekend plus drop off and pick up. I can not spend 1000.00 a year just to install then remove the lights. In 2011, I did my first show, rented a lift and installed the lights. last year, they all worked except for half of one strand (these are all LED, three piece enclosed with threaded caps C7). This year none of them work except for one strand. The l;ift is coming tomorrow and I only have this weekend. Any suggestions on how to install the lights so they want get ruined from tree growth/movement? I was thinking about using silicon on each light, but am afraid I will cause heat trapping and burn out the LED's. I know they won't last forever, but any tips would be helpful.

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All of those holiday lights are rated for no more than a 90 day install.  The exception would be commercial grade lights. 


Just sayin..

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