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God Bless the USA and Armed Forces Medley Sequence


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Fantastic Brian!  My only comment is that the flag at 0:37 should have the star field in the upper left.


That said, I was going to ask if that sequence was for sale, however I looked at your website and I see that it is.  Just might have to invest in that one after payday...

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You are right about the star field should be on the left when hung vertically like that. But the reason I did it that way is because the whole sequence is designed to look good on a horizontal matrix of CCRs, and in that case the words that are sideways, and the flag will be right-side up.


Also, the sequence is made to look good with 12 or 13 CCRs, because some people who want to do a sequence with a flag in it will probably have 13 CCRs, and in that case the flag will have the correct number of stripes. In other words, it is actually a 13 CCR sequence, but if you have 12 CCRs the sequence is "clipped" so you only see 12 of the 13th CCRs.

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