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SuperStar Morphs on top of Scenes


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I am trying to do some morphs on top of scene colors. 


Example: If I have red as a scene and want a green morph to shoot down the CCR on top of the red it works fine.  


The trouble starts when I try to add a morph with a color that has some red in it on top of the scene red. 


Is there a way to do morphs on top of a scene color that is similar?  Is there a setting to a layer that I can set as more dominant...ie, the morph overrides the scene as it goes by??  I would like my aqua to look aqua on top of that red!!




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It would be desirable to be able to set priorities for the different layers but currently that feature is not in SuperStar. When two different effects try to control the same color of a pixel at the same time I call it a "channel collision". The code has to decide what to do when there is a channel collision. Currently it uses the command that has the longest time duration and throws out the shorter command. For many cases this works well, but for some cases it doesn't.

So for now, when two effects try to control the same color of a pixel it may or may not do what you want it to.

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Thanks for the explanation Brian.  I will try cutting my scenes and see what effects I can create.  Otherwise it is back to the old way in SE.

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