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I was hoping for some suggestions about what to do with my roof.


In the past I had the roof outlined in C9 lights, and 32 M5 Strings that ran from the gutter up over the ridge spread across the length of the roof.  all this was four colors - white, green, red, and blue.  There were five controllers just running the roof lights...  One for the roof outline, and four for the rest.


As you can see in the photo (I hope).  There are now solar panels.  I was warned not to run strings across the panels.  Also the panels are pretty close to the front edge, and I'm not comfortable trying to get on the roof in front of the panels.


My inclinination is do to nothing with the roof any more.






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Holy cow!

26 panels?

Did you cut your power requirements a lot?

It looks somewhat shaded.

I have a dozen (12) panels but I wish to do a pole mount for the array in the back yard...

If you hung them using gutter clips, I can't see why it would hurt the panels.

I might not put anything on the top roof ridge as it may blow onto or into the panels...


What are the specs on those panels anyways?

So what you save on electricity, you'll make up with lights so no overall change?  :P

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Actually it is 30 panels, but, I am not using them yet.  I am waiting for the electric company to install a bi-directional meter.


The company that installed them tell me that they will generate 92% of the electricity that I use.  I am somewhat skeptical, due to the shade during part of the day.


There is shade, but, the panels are in the sun for a good part of the day.  Also each panel has it's own inverter, so if some of the panels are shaded and other are not, some will still be generating power.


I do not know the specs on the panels, but, the entire system is 7.3kw. 



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Jerry - one option would be to attach strings to PVC pipes and then use zip ties to tie them to the gutters. At least you can outline the roof...

Other option is to add more solar panel mounts and build a frame over the panels... You may even generate power at night that way :-)

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