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A reminder: CBR for MP3s and what can happen if not...


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I posted this here in Newbies cause I are one.... 


I have been working on "Musicbox Dancer" by DJSchwede and though I liked what I had done, I needed to tweak it (big surprise). First I played it and used the Visualizer. I noticed some things looked odd.  


There is a word said with gusto in the song that is a good lighting "key" point.  At 13.40-13.50 seconds in the song "Go" is shouted.  When I went to edit lights the word "Go" kept moving on the time line. I checked the audio source.

I add CBR to the track name after running songs through Audacity. The track I was using did not have CBR.  Most of the time LOR S3 will throw an error and you know that something is wrong. This time no such luck. 

So a quick import and export with Audacity and all is good. 



So, diatribe aside, make sure you run your MP3s through Audacity and set the bit rate to constant (128 is good). Do this even if you think they already are CBR.  




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