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sse looks like c%@! on my ccrs


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OK, quick scenario,, upgraded to sse with 24 ccrs, downloaded current version of lor,, running all dmx and ccrs in the show through IDMX,, everything looks great in sse, AND se,, but when applied to the ccrs the programming looks like c%@p,, i can run macros through them (ccrs), and they look awesome,, manually input them in SE and they look amazing,, my question is do i need to go into HU and change the "speed"  that these "controllers", are initially programmed at,, I left the values of the speed @ the default value when i initiated the address programming,, and no they are not in legacy mode? any input or insight on changing the speed values and how it directly affects the performance of these would be a great help,,,,, and UGGGGHHHHHH soooooo running out of time :S,,,,, thanks in advance

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I have no experience with DMX. It sounds like SuperStar exported the file OK. Hopefully Steve Synek or someone else with DMX experience can help.

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Ups dude, when you say

but when applied to the ccrs the programming looks like c%@p,


Is this the speed on your actual lights? A second USB485-HS would be needed when running more than 12 strings of pixels. This one has higher speeds.


The USB485-HS is the choice when you plan to use the highest speed (500K) for your LOR network. The other LOR USB adapters were designed for speeds of 250K or less. However they appear to work well at 500K so if you have a working 500K network using one of the other USB adapters there is no need to change. The USB485-HS is designed to work at 500K speeds.



As suggested on ACL, Depending on your pixel types you could try different speeds to see if that improves your light display. try 2440 to 3200 speeds. Also poor power cabling (too thin for the distance) can cause all sorts of issues with pixels;  sections that flicker, wrong colours, etc. Try the same type of pixel on nice short cables to get the speed issue sorted first.


Sorry but I don't own an iDMX so I know nothing about them.


Or is it sequencing playing on visualizer? This can bog down with high volumes of data. I take it the colour is right after exporting as white can show as a skin colour on the visualizer with dmx.

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thanks for the input guys,,, i ordered the high speed usb,,and will let you know the results,, as for how many ccrs is 16 and 1 dmx universe that is the Idmx im only using 60 channels of at this point,, im using all club type dmx lights for washing the house, and its absolutely amazing,, sweet and simple,, will let keep you guys posted once the HS usb converter comes in,,, thank you,,,,,

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