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Combing two shows into one


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My neighbor has sort of joined the fun this year and has 32 channels on his house. My job is to program them along with my 32 channels and run everything from my computer. Can I create seperate "shows" in the sequence editor and then select which one plays in the scheduler or do I have to show all of the channels in one file. My thought is to only showcase one house at a time so as not to compete. If I have time, I want to do a big finish with both. So I guess there would be three total.



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I see no problem doing it either way. Building sequences for house 1 and house 2 separately. Or build all sequences with all channels for both houses.

Since all the controllers would be on the same data cables daisy chained one to the other, they would need there on unique addresses anyway.

If it were me and I was doing something like this. I think I would define all the channels for both houses in all the sequences and just KNOW which are for which house. That way your finally would be easier to accomplish. Also, there might be a time when you would want things to bounce from one house to the other.

Hope I did not totally confuse you.


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