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Incorporating Icicle Led Light shows into my sequences


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Hello all...so this is my first post of many I am sure as I just purchased S3 and a couple of 16 channel controllers. My first question I have...Is it possible to incorporate exisiting lights shows into the sequence using the S3 software? I have a couple strands of LED icicle light shows I picked up at costco last year that include the wireless remote which lets me change the functions...but it would be great if I could somehow change the functions by programing them into my sequence. Is this possible? Thanks!!!

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Welcome... you would have to be more specific as to what exact lights you are talking about, then someone may be able to help you. From my experiences though, I have found that most of those pre-programmed light strings aren't easily modified so that you can control them with LOR.

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First off, welcome aboard.


As they sit, no. You cannot program those types of lights that come with a wireless remote.

BUT, as with LED floods that come with a wireless remote, you can hack them to wire directly to an LOR controller.

I haven't looked into what icicles you have but it might be possible to do the same with these.

But as they currently sit? No. And not get a response like you want from the controller.

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Thanks for the info! i didn't think I could do it...easily that is. Here is a link to lights that are very similar to the ones I have.



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