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Softball Shawn

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Here is one for you pros to help me out if you can. I am a first year gent and I am putting everything up. I have two prelit snowflakes that I bought from Costco last year in my show. They are remote controlled if you want, but if you just plug them in they are solid. You would use the remote to make it shimmer, flash or whatever.

The issue that I have is that when you plug it in, there is about a half second delay in the lights turning on. Have any of you had this issue and how did you remedy it? I think my choices are to A) work the delay into the timing within the sequence editor or B) take the remote control receiver out of the wiring loom. It would obviously work better to take the remote receiver out and hard wire it in but the remote receiver has multiple wires in and out of it and I am unsure of which wires to connect together.

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One way I have found is to turn the device on at 10-20% value to pre-energize the circuitry before going to 100%. Trial and error will lead you to the % and the time before needed to eliminate the delay.


Good luck!



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