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Advice before I start anything


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    Hi!  I am hoping for this year to be my first show, this is what I'm running,,,,



  3  LOR 1602's

 12 CCR's  mega tree

  2 CCF's plus I have the 8 pack on order, I will incorporate into the show if I can get time to

  1 Set of CCP's


  I know this is way too much for my first year, not expecting big things, this will be a plug and play year. My goal is only to have them working enough to have a show


  I just finished watching brian's tutorial about how to set up my networks, he has his 1602's on one network and he splits up the CCR controllers between the two networks.


  I plan on setting up my network the same as brians diagram with the addition of the 3rd 1602 on the original network as well. What do you guys/gals think about me just putting eveything else on the aux A network.  I ordered a couple extra rs485's just in case so I could make a 3rd network if necessary. 


    The easy parts over, lights are up and building my mega tree in a couple days. the hard part is only beginning.  Just curious what everyone thinks before I get rolling,  Thanks everyone!




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