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just starting with 16 channel ....where do i start


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please help I have no clue where to start I do not know a lot about computers so if you could dumb it down for me. just need to know how to begin to write my own .any help would be great

thank you so much  

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Start with playing with the software, reading the instructions, plugging in some lights and then see what you can do from there. I remember downloading the trial before i bought everything and I never regretted any of it!!! Love LOR!

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Watch the video training - a must. Don't get too caught up in things like DMX, RGB channels, or other things - stick to the basic LOR Controller channels.

Very basically - every channel simply turns on/off the power to a light or string. As time moves on (left to right), you have units of time to turn on or off... Variations include built in features like twinkle, or shimmer - and blocking a range of time and having it go from a low to high or high to low output.

Music has a pattern of multiples - so having 4, 6, 8 items that you can use to mark the time during a song can be helpful.

Start simply, use one short song to test your self - and put into practice what you learned in the video training.

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