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CMB-16D Deluxe DC Card Power Supply

Steppe Wolfe

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How "clean" does the power to the DC board have to be?

The supplies I have now are just putting out rectified AC.
Because I have to team up the power bricks, use two bricks per side I am going to build a simple power supply consisting of the AC transformer(24vAC/2 amp) , a bridge rectifier (400v / 6amp) and a 2200uf capacitor, then join the positives and negatives of two supplies together to feed each 8 channel side.

This will produce DC but there will be a fair amount of ripple, particularly when all the lights are hard on.

Will the board crap itself if the power is a bit noisy or will it keep going as long as the input voltage does not decay below 12v?

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The ripple shouldn't be a problem for the CMB16D unless the draw caused by lots of lights on drops the voltage below 12 volts. Full wave rectifying 24 vac will give you over 30 vdc, so if your power supply is reasonably sized there shouldn't be a problem.

If there is a large drop caused by the lamp drain, the micro may crash. If this happens to you (you would see it as erratic behavior since the CMB16D would reboot when the undervoltage condition occurs) you can use a power brick to power the logic through the barrel connector or use a higher current transformer.

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