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Any Progress in Wireless Security Camera Technology in the last 5 years?


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This thread seems to have the most info on wireless security cameras.... http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/4801-security-cameras/?hl=%2Bwireless+%2Bsecurity+%2Bcamera#entry39404


It does not have much good to say about wireless cameras, but the thread is 5 years old.  Has any progress been made in the technology since then?  Does anyone have a good experience with wireless cameras?

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Depends on what type. If you mean dedicated "baby monitor" type with a camera sending to a dedicated reciever then, no, they still stink.

Megabuck wifi systems are decent if you have a decent budget.

I've got Xfinity Home Security with cameras that work well enough.

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Not to sure about wireless, but I purchased this system about a month ago.  I am very pleased with the clarity of the video, both day and night.


I purchased this one from Costco.




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Just a note:


IF, you need to run a camera "At a distance" (up to a 1000 feet or so) you can use "passive video baluns" (one at each end of the cable) good old telephone line or cat 5 cable can be used, in fact if you have 4 conductor you sent the video on one pair, and the power for the camera on the other.


I made up a bunch of female cat 5 connectors that have the 2 sets of wires configured, this way I can use normal cat 5 cables and simply plug them in at both ends to run a camera wherever I need it.


As you can see, I'm simply NOT a fan of wireless...



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