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Windows shell commands file


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I just had my show computer die after 8 years of faithful service.  I've replace it with a new Windows 7 machine, and got it up and running for Halloween.  The old one had an EDM with RDS on it, and the windows command shell worked fine.  I was able to reload all the sequences from last year onto the new machine, but the shell commands are all blank.  I believe they are stored in another file and I must be missing it.  Does anyone know what the file is called and where it might be found?  I can get the old machine to search for it if I know what I am looking for.  I remember stumbling across it one time, but now I just can't find it.

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cmdmap.lcm  in sequences folder   if you open and save a sequence while cmdmap.lcm is missing.. the command will be lost.

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