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Music is playing with static-like noises and varying speeds...


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Hi, I too am just getting started on my first year with LOR. I purchased 3 - 16 channel controllers and 14 "ready to go" sequences from LOR. I used the links in the Sequence Store to buy my music, so I know I got the right song versions for the sequences. I then used the LOR software to create a show, saved it to an SD card.


Today I put it in Controller #001 which is a LOR1602Wg3-MP3 and began the show. Much to my dismay, 80% of the songs that played had popping static noises through the speakers. Thinking it may be my speakers, i plugged a headset into the audio port and it did the same thing. I checked the mp3s on the SD card and they play fine with no distortion on my computer. Any idea what is causing the mp3 player to make the music distort like that?


I also noticed 3 or 4 songs that intermittently played at a faster speed than normal. Not the entire song, just parts of it. It would have been similar to playing a 33rpm LP at 45rpm. What could this be. Do you think I'm dealing with a bad mp3 player in my new controller?


Thanks for any help you can provide


Bill Schilz




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Back when the units first came out there was an issue like this that was resolved with a firmware upgrade.  Take a look at page 40 of the documentation. It describes how to update the firmware. (It's late, or else I'd link to the documentation. If you don't have a hardcopy, look in the LOR site.)

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Hey Don,

It turns out the firmware onboard from the factory was the latest version (MP3G3-V5_23.lhx). I sure appreciate you trying to help. I got an email yesterday from LOR and they said they were going to have an engineer call me.

I have 2 of these units, so i put the SD card in my other unit and it worked perfectly, so we're thinking I may have a bad mp3 player. Thanks again!

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