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Well shoot.

I am slowly getting Nutcracker to work for me. I was able to clipboard a sequence into my song from there.  that is when I noticed an issues.

I am working on a pixel tree,

800 pixels

8 strings of 100

50 up then 50 down to make 16 strings.


When I made the model in Nutcracker it works out fine.  But it would be giving me 8 universes

I am told my best way of doing the universes with the E682 is 5 Universes of 170 pixels.

These two things just don't match up.

Nutcracker doesn't have that as a setting.

and things look a little weird on visualizer when I play them in LOR.


What am I doing wrong?





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i think a lot of people, including myself, checked the thread due to the title and once they got here, as i, have no idea about RGB stuff or the experiences that you are having.. give Sean some time to wake up and get moving around.  i'm sure he will assist you if he sees it... actually, try sending him a instant message since the thread title may not grab his attention.

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I thought about that.,  I just sent a PM to Sean.  I know he is busy and it is still early in CO.

I am sure I am missing something.  That has been most of the issues I have been having.

My own worst enemy. :wacko:

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Frybread...in Nutcracker it uses ALL 512 channels in the Universe when it lays out the sequence.  From a clipboard cut and paste persepctive, that still should work out the way you want it to.  Not sure where you are getting 8 universes from in Nutcracker as it only produces 5 if using consecutive channels.  ANd 5 universes with the E682 is spot on...  The visualizer is another thing altogether as it won't be able to handle that many fixtures.   I have a 48 string, 55 nodes per string mega tree, using Nutcracker as well...and believe me, I agonized over the 2 extra channels, but as long as you understand that they are going to use all 512 in nutcracker, it makes sense...NOW, does that make sense to you, or am I a horrible explainer??

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thank You for the explaination.

The only part that confuses me is that if Nutcracker uses all 512 does that mean that it splits one of the pixels over 2 universes?

I doubt it but computers do interesting things.

Pixel U1,170 would be U1;c508,c509,c510

Pixel U2,1 would be U1;c511,c512,U2:C001


However I doubt that this is the issue.

I have a tendency to over think things.

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Essentially what you just said is correct, if you were to go to Nutcracker, click on Preview, it will show you  the Display elements, so lets say you called it Tree, right below that is a button that says "Models"  click that. In the model list, click on Tree, and then modify.  It  will bring up the channels for each string.  It does in fact take a Pixel and put it in 2 universes. Mine goes STring 1 1-165 String 2 166-330  STring 3 331-495 and String 4 496-660.   


The E682 is going to read out you put it into LOR via the 1.31 protocol.   SO from a clipboard perspective, you will have consecutive channels, and from LOR, you will have consecutive channels because you will delete 511 and 512 from each universe...I had a hard time wrapping my head around it but I spoke with both Jim from Sandevices and Sean.

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if you are using e682/p12r i think you set each universe to 510 channels. i use the FPD (Falcon Pixelnet DMX) controllers and they handle crossing any universe transparently. So for me my etup is 512 channels per universe.


once you assign models you can go back to the setup tab and see every channel of your model displayed.


xlights is not based on universes, it is based on channels. so create the SETUp tab wil 510 channels per universe, you will see the first universe is channels 1-510, 2nd universe is 511-1020 .etc.


in your models you just set the total number of pixels and the starting channel. it should all work out after that

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