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Sequence videos, constructive comments welcome on my work


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Hello all, this year will be my 2nd LOR year now with 32 channels and a few more lights. Last year was a challenge for me with my college exams and making sequences but now I am at uni and have a little more time! I lost all of 9 shows from last year...never backed up DOH! So I am remaking them and some new creations!

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You can always use LORSequences.com as a backup when you upload them. In addition, they have great sequences that you can preview and use as a guidline for programming.

Can't wait to see the video of your display!

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Thankyou, it is kind of some knack I have. I have been told I achieve a really good affect with minimal channels with these videos which are 16 channel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssg0hI-l_yk - Rocking Around Christmas Tree 2006 16 Channel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iixxyc5ZRuY -WIZZARDS 2006 16 channel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YzAcNBYQWI - WIZZARDS 2007 32 channel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNrvoAyhGLo - I WISH IT COULD BE XMAS EVERYDAY 2007 32 channel

A few frames a slightly dropped so it may look the lights arent on sometimes when they are.


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I think it looks great and you seem to hit your marks pretty good.

However, I think you would get a much better effect if somehow when you did Merry Christmas you could keep it on till it was all spelled out. Sort of like below.

Merry Chris
Merry Christmas

If you get my drift on this.

Now that I see you are using 32 channels you may have letters mixed with other aspects of your display which would make it difficult if not impossible to perform. Maybe in the future just keep that in mind to change your look a bit.

Other than that I think it is tremendous what you have doen.

One thing that amazes me about a lot of you is that you can do so well filling in the little squares in the animation window. I just can not do it. So I end up making a few lines and letting it go at that. Also, I seldom change the color of the channels.

Hats off to you all!!

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Hi Robin,

Thankyou very much for your comment. I will look into changing the MERRY CHRISTMAS part when I have more sequences under my belt. 4 Done, 9 under way and 3 to start.

I mainly use the animation window in that detail to show my parents what I am going to do to their/our house :-D. Then I get my dad out there with me putting them up while mother christmastises the inside of our home!:D

Just added a new demo link: I wish it could be xmas.... spent 5 hours on 1 half this morning...lost count for the 1st half lol

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Don't feel bad as it took me a little over an hour to sequence 3.1 seconds last night.
It is a little closing thing but took some time.
An hour for two channels and about 10 minutes for the other 400 or so!

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