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New this year - Grinch Songs


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     I cannot seem to find any of the Grinch songs on the free websites to download and alter.   If anyone would be willing to share some they have or send me to a link I would appreciate it.  The two I would really like to have are "Welcome Christmas"  and "Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch".   We don't' have anything fancy in the setup (no mega trees etc).  It will be similar to this set up from our normal display (this is our first year adding music to it) only we have a lot more lights this year to add, probably going to light up the trees and put more on the fence.   We are going to try ad get more creative next year when we have time to get ready. 




I'm new this year and got a late start by what I've read on here.   Most of the songs I'm doing this year I've gotten off the free pages.  (Had a rough time with one song I really liked while getting it from 180 channels to my measly 16...but it worked lol).  


I'm going to try syncing one or two songs myself this year so I can learn but I kinda want to make sure I have enough songs without mine incase they really really suck.  :wacko:  I LOVE the Grinch and its become kind of my families theme for Christmas because my husband is the Grinch.  He does not like Christmas at all.  (The fact that he agreed to LOR shows just how much he loves me   :wub:  ... and how much he likes playing with new "toys" haha).  


Thanks for any help!  




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Of course after I post this I FINALLY do find one of them.  I haven't opened or checked it out yet.  But wanted to share the link for future people looking like I was.


Your a mean one Mr. Grinch - http://www.highcountrylights.com/remository/func-startdown/3/


Still on the search for the other.  :)

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I found this sequence for "Welcome Christmas" but I wasn't able to get the MP3 from amazon to match up to the sequence.  :0/   So I am still searching for another sequence of this one.  



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