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The neighbors and wife made me do it...


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+ 1 on the skeleton . How is it made if you don't mind telling. Very good sequencing on all of the show . It seems that that is the favorite song of all young people this year.


He is made from a 6' x 6' frame made from 1/2" emt conduit with 2" X 4" welded wire fencing attached.  I used 3/8" ropelight. He uses 16 channels, 1 for the body, 3 for the heads, and 3 for each arm and leg.  Here is a picture of him although I changed the heads to overlap each other. It didn't look right the way it is shown in the picture.



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I updated the lights around the garage doors and roof line. For some reason YouTube blocked the audio even though they didn't on my original. Go figure.


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