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Lights on Longhorn Halloween 2013


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Hey everyone!


We had a really nice evening this week so I went out and shot two of my songs. Jumped on the RGB bandwagon this year, added another face and some "boomstix" (This was a family wide Evil Dead pun as in "This is my Boom Stick!") They're made out of led strip light to use as VU's. Made some led strip cans to stuff into my outdoor light fixtures next to the door. Also went to a whiter, brighter type of rope light and completely re-strung my 2 faces from last year. I adjusted my smaller face "Esmeralda". She kind of had a duck thing going on last year. So I'm getting there.


I swear, you upload these things, watch em, and I'm never happy! Can always find some boo boo's. Anyone else have that problem??? lol


Here's The Devil Went Down To Georgia




and Thriller




Went old school for Halloween and I'll do the fun stuff at Christmas.

Some good displays up this year on the tube. You guys have been working hard!


For more info visit www.lightsonlonghorn.com


Hoping to get pictures of props and other stuff up on the website soon. Took lot's of pictures this year.


Happy Halloween!!!

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