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Morph Without Tail


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I have seen several videos which show a tree with what looks like a morph going from the top to bottom.

But the only thing is the morph creates a solid line which stays for a period of time

I assume it is a morph with no tail but when I do it I get no straight line of solid color but only a small line which goes from top to bottom.


So how do I make this straight solid line which appears to be a morph going from top to bottom of the tree.

And where is the setting to make it stay for lets say 5 seconds.


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The state1 head length and state2 head length determine the length of the head. To see how the head is treated, set the tail time length to 0. For example, with state1 head length of 2 and state2 head length of 10 the morph will start with a head length of 2 and it will get longer as it goes down and will be 10 pixels long by the time it reaches the end of its path.

Also, if you want it to get longer, and have it cover the entire path as it goes, set state1 head length to a number that is equal to or greater than the pixel length of the path it is going to travel and set state2 head length to 0. The morph will get longer and longer and then disappear all at once. If you do this and then add a tail length, the morph will get longer and longer and then the entire length of the path will get the tail applied to it all at once, so you could set the tail length to 5 seconds and it will stay on for 5 seconds with the start and end color that you have set for the tail.

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