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Deleting Sequences

Al Dube

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Hey Guys,


I'm not new at this but up until now this hasn't been an issue, I need to completely remove a few sequences.. I go into the folder and delete the lsv and lcs files but they are still in the existing sequences folder and there just in the way and confusing.. So how do I completely get rid of the them ???  And yes I have them saved on disc..


Thanks,  Al.....

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The lsv and lcs files, if missing, are created each time you open a sequence in the SE.  I believe you'll just have to keep deleting them.

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I think I know what's going on.  Most likely you have "Hide extensions for known file types set in Windows Explorer's folder option ("View" tab).  Uncheck that box.


Then you should see something like this list of files for each sequence:

sequence name.lms

sequence name.lms.bak

sequence name.lms.lcs

sequence name.lms.lsv


Delete ALL of those.  If you only deleted the .lcs and .lsv files, you have not deleted the sequence file itself so the sequence will still show up as available and if you open it, the .lcs and .lsv files will be re-created.  BTW, my example is for a musical sequence.  If it is an animation sequence, all 4 would have las instead of lms

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