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Those insufferable styrofoam tombstones...


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They are driving me crazy!


When even a slight gust of wind comes by - or if someone exhales too forcefully - they fall over. 


I've tried using pencils as stakes, and that doesn't even work completely.


What have you all found to keep the infernal things in place?   I've seen a few ideas around the web, but wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the best (read "no daily maintenance") way to stabilize them.

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I use 4 pieces of 1/4" X 2ft stainless steel tubing driveninto the ground, 2 on the front side, 2 on the back. I know Tampa has more wind then Orlando, but it works for me.

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I like the idea of rebar or the 1/4" stainless rod.


But has anyone glued plastic conduit clamps on the back of the foam and slipped the rebar through it?

I'm talking something like this:  797a0e02-1a17-40d4-8ea1-38b0c6824c3d_65.

Maybe use 4 total; 2 high, 2 low on the back of the board, 2 higher and slip over the 2 rebar rods driven into the ground.

That way, you don't see the unsightly rebar from the front. The foam compatible construction adhesive ought to keep the clamps in place.

The rebar drives in first so you don't wreck the foam and just slip over the stakes.


I'm using thinner (galvanized) rods for stakes and the gravestones are doing the same thing.I tried duct tape to hold the rods to the back of the board but duct tape doesn't stick very well.

I also tried brick wedges as there is a flat section in the rear (think shallow box), but the bricks aren't heavy enough and it still leans because of the wind.

Has anyone else tried this?


The coroboard I'm using has thinner galvanized rods, maybe 1/8" in diameter. They work fine for the coroboard and you could also use them in the thicker gravestones you make yourself.

There are sign kits with coroboard and that is how I made some homemade tombstones. It came with a wire stand that I was going to clip down to get the tombstone near the ground.

Those extra rods would work with the thicker foam but the one gravestone that is like a shallow box, I was thinking of using those clips I described above...


May the FORCE be with you and have a magical night!





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htmagic I like that idea, I might have to use that next year.

I have a bunch of small rocks that I pile around the tomb stones in the front of our windows.

For the lawn I use some small metal rods.

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I use rebar also, attached via a large wire tie that goes around the width of the tombstone. The wire tie is black and not noticeable at night.

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I use two rebar behind each tombstone and use fishing wire to wrap around them to the tombstones.   then wobble a little but that is about it.  You cant see the fishing line from the street.  

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I use these 3 foot stakes that can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, OSH, or your local garden center.




They are .4 inches wide and I cut them in half and use two stakes per tombstone. I sink them about 7 or 8 inches into the ground and drill two starter holes into the bottoms of the tombstone about 2 inches deep and then push the stakes into them another 3 inches. They never fall over in the wind with this method.

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I use the pipe straps, like in the picture from htmagic. I then Gorilla Glue and screw them to the back of the tombstone. (A drop of Gorilla Glue at each screw hole does the trick, then screw through the glue before it dries.) Two pairs of straps plus two inexpensive lawn stakes (usually 3' long, get 'em at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) and my tombstones stay in place.

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