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To tree, or not to tree, that is the question.....


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Greetings all (Not seasons, yet).


I'm thinking of a simpler show this year, as work has been huts.


Opinions please.


Trees, light trees (small versions of a mega-tree) LOTS of them,  4-6 ft tall, thinking 45 or so. ( and one Mega), along with the arches I built. (4- 16 footers).


 We have many Deer where I live, and the few things I have set up for halloween have already been dragged across the area. (remember, my "front yard" is huge ! (300-700 there abouts).


I'm thinking of a drive in base, that would allow me to set a pole with drop down light string holders, this way I can pack each pole (with lights attached) by simply turning the pole upside down and using a zip-tie to keep them closed, turn right side up and "ta-da" ready for storage.


It's simply too late in the year to do a huge display for Christmas.





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