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Having trouble with a file i would like to take from the shared props/fixtu

Chris B

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Hello Im looking to take a copy of the 12 channel candy cane pinwheel that is in the shared portion of the visualizer thread. However all I get is the code in text. I have tried to convert it to "all files" but it doesn't work for me. I have pulled other fixtures/props before without problem. Please help! Thanks    Chris

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im having the same issue i have changed file and save as 

ive tried doing everything that mike stated

im tring to get a pumpkin 7 or 8 circuit 

any other ideas

i dont know what im doing....wrong



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Is there some way that I am missing to reduce the size of these to fit your display? 


Send it 'Home'.  Drag the corner.  Repeat until correct size.

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