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So here is my first post. I have built 4 faces for my show one is 6'x 6' and the other three 4'x 4' I have been racking my brain how to install them I live in Illinois and my house is vinyl sided my sofet and eaves are all metal no wood or brick exposed don't really want to drill or screw into the siding and not sure about poking holes into sofet and eaves. Anybody come up with ideas running short on time lol any ideas are highly welcome

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as you can see my house on my profile picture, it's all brick and the highest part is vinyl, so last year for my 3 faces I hanged up 2 from the gutter at top of garage using wire, of course I blocked the garage door, the third face I hanged up in be twin left window and front door, using the bricks below the windows that are out a little bit and once again I used wire wrapping it on those bricks.


Hope you can picture my idea, it worked for me, about Christmas lights, I used all rope lights using rope light clips + wire + clamps, image my house lines with wire, then I attached the rope lights to the wire to make the shape of my house. I didn't use any nails or screws and I didn't poked holes.

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