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Has anyone heard of a way that when a person drives up to your display they call a number (maybe a Google number) and it would trigger the display ??????

It would be awesome that when they drive up they could even choose the show they wanted.

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Depends on what kind of phone service you have. With old style POTS lines you could use either an old fax modem and hack it - there are a lot of recipes on the internet or if you want to go fancy use something like this: http://broadcasttools.com/view_product.php?pid=212

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The second half seems to be cut off:

If you use VOIP and asterisk there are for sure possibilities to add a script to trigger something else. There are also several systems in the HomeAutomation world allowing to do this.

Last but not least - in a world of smart phones, it would also possible to direct people to a web page where they can select songs. If you search the forum you will find some old thread discussing this topic.

So - yes, absolutely doable.

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