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Sequencer for hire?


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I have 4 tracks from the LOR store, the "You Can Modify" versions.  I'd like to add maybe 2 more this season.


I got two CCR's this summer, and would like to add them to the sequences.  I've never used CCR's and don't really know where to start adding them -- I really don't even know what I want to do with them; spiral trees come to mind.  I'd love to add more CCR's next year.  I'd be game to add SuperStar to my license if needed, but I don't have it today.


I'm up to 7 controllers now, and these sequences only use 4 (last year used a 5th with a duplicate ID to reduce extension cords).  I can build these controllers from complete-kit to completely-working in under 4 hours, but I just don't have enough "creative side" to implement them in my display, let alone sequence them.  I guess that's why I went with pre-canned sequences from the LOR store, although they do look nice.


Anyone interested in a few coins to do some sequence work in tracks I already own for the CCR's, and maybe the additional channels as well?  I'm not sure how that works license-wise, but I would think it should be allowed as long as neither of us sell or give away the original or finished product...



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