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This is Halloween vocal sequence


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I went an grabbed one of the Holidaycoro sequences and spent about an hour or so doing a copy and paste job.  I loaded it up with the rest of my sequences and started the show.  I was standing there when the This is Halloween sequnece came on and started watching it.  After a few moments I started thinking "This is a terrible sequence.  It doesn't look right.  Who designed this thing?"  Then I realized that the Holidaycoro sequence was designed for the Monster quartet and the O and Narrow mouth channels are reversed from the pumpkins.   :wacko:    I ran inside and did another quick cut and paste job, waited for the show to get through an entire cycle, shut the show down and reloaded everything.  It looked much better that way.   :D   Now I wonder if I can get another sequence done before the end of the Halloween season?  



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