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Lights - Memory Hold and/or Custom Orders?

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Just wondering if anyone has used the memory hold lights with LOR?  I am in Australia and we are limited with the lights we can buy here that plug straight into the LOR (I have the AC controllers).  It seems that this Christmas all the lights in Australia have come out with 8 memory controllers with a memory hold (not much range of "steady-on" lights available). 


Alternately if anyone in the US knows of suppliers that will customise lights to 240V and send to Oz?





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If you find a supplier of static lights in Australia I would love to know as I am in Perth and finding it very difficult. I have everything else but the lights as I bought the sequences and controller.

I was jumping up and down with excitement when I tested it all out using multiple sets of indoor xmas tree lights. The excitement soon turned to frustration after visiting numerous shops and online stores only to find static lights are not easy to find.

I am just starting off with one 16 channel controller as figuring it all out on my own. I also have the virtual Santa which was a huge hit with the kids last year so looking forward to adding a small light show.

Good luck for this ear

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