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xLights/Nutcracker 3.2.2 released


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Remember ; do a "File,Backup" before installing. Always save copies of your xml files.


Release notes for 3.2.2:

- Enhancement: (Dan) When importing hlsIdata, sort by the universes number to make the import predictable and repeatable.

- Enhancement: (Dan) When importing hlsIdata, change the file extension for the Audio from PCM to mp3.

- Bug: (Dan) If there is a named test setup, much of the functionality on the Setup tab (up/down arrows, modifying a network, etc..) did not work properly and could result in modifying the wrong network.  Fixed.

- Bug: (Dan) Preview/Nutcracker tab drawing on the Mac would result in "ghosts" of the flashing lights due to anti-aliasing. Fixed.

- Bug: (Dan) At certain screen sizes, some pixels in mega-trees and other Nutcracker models may not display.  Fixed.


As you can see Dan Kulp was the major contributor for this release.




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