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CCR and CCP color in SuperStar


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I'm wondering how to balance between the CCR's and the CCP's in a sequence.

It appears that the CCR is a cool white, and the CCP is a warm white.

In one of my CCP props, I had to comment a superstar reverse to get it to function properly in visualization mode. I added the superstar warm comment for all 5 CCP props, and since one of those already had a comment, SuperStar only acknowledged the last comment in the line.

Whould it be better to comment all the CCR's to cool, and export raw colors? How will that effect the overall dimming curves?


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I did a test using 3 CCR fixtures in a visualization. The first CCR fixture had "superstar warm" in the comment line, the second CCR fixture had "superstar reverse warm" in the comment line and the third CCR fixture had nothing in the comment line.


I added a scene of white pixels and exported to the sequence editor.


The first two CCRs exported as white, the third CCR with nothing in the comment line was a pinkish color.


The code looks to see if the comment line starts with "superstar" and then if any of the key words are anywhere in the comment line after that it should recognize them. There is no limit to how many key words can be placed in a comment line.


If you have a file that is not working, please email the visualization file to brian@superstarlights.com


The visualization file will end with .lee and will be at:

c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ Visualizations \ Editor

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