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Last year i started with LOR with a simple helloween display and then some more for christmas


this year i want to do more (obviously ...) and for halloween i am doing some animatronics as well


i am using a DMX servo / DC controller that seems to work pretty well. Does multiple servos, LEDs and relays on one board.


At first i had planned to use VSA for halloween but except for the fact that it has support specifically for servos it really isnt fun to work with and i am much more comfortable doing things with LOR


has anyone done any work with DMX servos with LOR? Any tips? i am doing a 3 axis skull and a few other things and VSA of course has special tools to deal with the jaw movement based on audio as well as recording joystick movement into servo commands


one other option would be to use both and start the VSA sequence from within LOR but i am not sure how the sound would work if both sequences have sound (might work with two sound cards and two sets of speakers)


any help would be appreciated



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