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Subsequences and Play Range


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I have 4 subsequences (4 new pixel based props) that I have added to an existing sequence.

SE is at 3.10.6 and SS is at 3.10.62


I noticed a couple of things when playing.


First at the end of the sequence there seems to be some artifacts left playing and all the lights do not shut down.

I do have the "Lights off at end" checked.

Everything appears to turn off, but in the end, the subsequences leave something on in the visualizer.(this may be a question for DevMike)

Also I have not hooked anything up live at this point so I dont really know if what I see in Visualizer/SS/SE would really be happening in the yard.


Send I noticed that if I set "Play Range" to anything but FULL SEQUENCE the subsequences are all starting at the beginning each time.

If I set the Play Range to visable selection everything native to the sequence plays correctly, but the subsequences all start at the beginning which throws off the display in visualizer of course and if you dont realize thats what its doing it will make you go .... huh?


I'm assuming the subsequences are running parallel to the main and really what I have going on is 5 sequences playing at the same time to a common audio file?


I did figure out how to cut and paste and create all the controllers, universer and channel assignments in one pass.. So I can just manually merge everything together.


I just thought it was an interesting issue...





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The original purpose of subsequences was for a background sequence that you would want to repeat throughout the sequence. For example, if you had a Halloween sequence that flashed some lights to look like lightning. You create the sequence for the lightning and set a channel to that sequence, and then every place there is lightning in your song you turn on that channel. And by design, every time you turn on the channel it starts the sequence from the beginning, and if the channel is on longer than the length of the subsequence it repeats.


In our case we turn the channel on for the entire length of the song and the length of the sequence should be equal to the main sequence. But that is why if you start playing the main sequence anywhere other than the start, the subsequences always start from their beginning. Also, as you noted, the audio file that is in the subsequence is ignored. Only the audio to the main sequence is played.


Because of the above oddities and because of the "out of synch" problem that can happen I recommend doing the copy/paste approach to get everything into one file.

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Thank you Master SuperStar Jedi ... your wisdom is always appreciated!!


Actually, I did exactly what we talked about and performed a copy/paste into the main Sequence. Once I figured out how to assign the Universe and channel in one pass it was really easy to do...


As always Brian... THANK YOU for the fantastic support.



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