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Unfortunately I do not have a video tutorial on creating images and animations. But there is a tutorial in the help files, do the following:


1) launch SuperStar

2) Click on the Help menu and select "Contents"

3) Expand "SuperStar Sequencer"

4) Expand "Custom Sequences"

5) Look through "Creating an Image Action" and "Creating an Animation"


Also, there is a PowerPoint presentation you can download from my website

go to www.superstarlights.com

In the section titled "Other" click on "PowerPoint downloads"

Click on Animations on a CCR matrix using the SuperStar Sequence Editor

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I am working on Sleighride (Setzer) right now and creating images (snow, elf face with rosy cheeks,etc.) It got me thinking a Superstar Image library would be wonderful to have. Even if some images were sold - it would save me lots of time. Does someone have a Superstar library of built images ?

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