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Shockwave Kills the SuperStar


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(Ok .. thinking of Video Killed the Radio Star ... but...)


I created 3 shockwave effects back to back and when I clicked on modify it killed SuperStar..

I have had this happen before using ShockWave.


Any data or elements I could grab to try and help debug the cause of the crash?



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Somebody else reported a crash using shockwave, it turned out a crash happens if you do a single right click on the arrow. The single right click makes the start and end radius be equal and if you add the effect and then play it, SuperStar will crash. I have fixed the bug, the fix will be in the next release. If you want the fix now, you can do the following:

1) Shut down SuperStar

2) Look for the following file:

c:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\SSEdit.exe

3) Rename it to something like SSEdit_original.exe

4) Use the link below to get the new SSEdit.exe and copy it to the same place where you renamed the original SSEdit.exe


5) Launch SuperStar. If you have done everything correctly, it will say v3.10.62 in the title bar in the upper left of the program.

6) Verify that the bug is fixed

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File downloaded

Updated - Verified to 3.10.62

Right clicked on the arrow radius shows 0,0 and no crash ...


Thank you Brian ..



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