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Still No Merge Feature?


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I have sequences from last year.

I have new features that have to create one at a time in SuperStar (export restrictions with my license)


It seems that since everything is stored in XML there would already be a utility to merge 2 (or more) sequences .


I have read and viewed the videos on:

Cut and Paste: Which is great if you have the hardware infrastructure defined in the "TO" sequnce.

SubSequence: Also great but there are timing issues and you cant edit them inside main sequence.


Since all the structure of a sequence is there when you export from SS, it would be nice to be able to just merge it in without having to create the backbone twice.


Is there already something out there to merge or am i just missing how to do it?




FEATURE REQUEST: Sequence import/merge


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Can someone tell me the method they use to combine/merg two or more completed sequences into one complete with the audio tracks. Right now each sequence has the exact same channel layout, and I want to make one file out of several sequences. These are just normal led strings not RGB.

Thanks ahead of time for your replies.


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