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Last year I used 2811 strips to outline my roofline.  This year I am thinking of switching to 2811 Technicolor pixels to give a more traditional C9 look.  My house is roughly 25 feet from the viewer.  From those who have used them will 6" spacing look to sparse and if so should I go with 4" spacing.  Realizing that incandescent C9 are spaced 12" I am just curious for input from those who are  more versed than me.  Also what appears more uniformly bright, the smooth clear cover or the faceted one?  Below is the front of my house.  Thanks for any input.



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I really dont know all of the facts about these lights you are looking at. I can tell you a few things that might help with your project. I used just the standard C9 LED lights. I created a supper string of Red, Blue, Green, & White. Each string is spaced 12" bulb to bulb. And each string is 3" staggered in a ripple effect. Now These are the ones that CDI sells. I think it is like 5 or 7 LEDs per bulb. Or .96 Watts each. So, if these RGB LED C9 you are looking at  are about .96 watts each, Then I would say that 12" between bulbs is good. Shorter distance if the wattage is lower.

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