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Copy over a 8 seconds


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How do you copy a part of a sequence that is longer than the current 8 seconds.  I have something that is 30 seconds but I cannot figure out how to select the start and end points.


I know when I want to make something longer than 8 seconds I left click the time line for the start point and then right click for the end point.  But how do I copy this long item.

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Good question, it is not obvious how you do it, but this is how:

Pressing the Ctrl key while selecting will add to the selection. This works both for a single click and a click and drag. So you can select everything in the first 8 seconds, then scroll to the next 8 seconds and this time press the Ctrl key while doing a click and drag to select everything in that 8 seconds. You can keep doing this for as many 8 second sections as desired. After you are done click on the Copy button.

Note that using the Ctrl key actually toggles the selection, that is, if something is already selected then it is unselected. Also realize that if you forget to press the Ctrl key everything you have selected so far will be unselected.

Also note that the toggle select concept can be handy if you have a group where you wanted to something like change every other object to a certain coloer. You can select every other object by doing a Ctrl + single click on the objects you want, to a group modify on them, then you can do a Ctrl + click and drag over the entire area and the objects that were selected will deselect and the ones that weren't selected will be selected, then you can do a group modify on them to change them to a different color.

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