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Superstar and RGB pixels------Exporting instant sequences


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 I  purchased Superstar (2CCR) and  would  like to  export instant  sequences  for  my  rgbs. Is there  any  way  to  export for  4 universes I  get the  message  that  I  cant export  more than 300 channels and  my  total   rgb channels is  around 1250 (300 rgb smart pixels 100 smart modules and and 45 dumb rgb channels) Like most  I am on a limited budget this  year nd  cant afford to  upgrade my SS.  I also  have 32 channels of  LOR But I  am  going  to  import SS to  existing  sequences

 Thanks for any  insight on this....

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Without upgrading your license, you can create separate RGB visualizers that are less than 300 channels each, and then sequence each one separately and export it that way. Unfortunately, that's the only work around that I know of and I've been working with superstar inand Brian for well over a year now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck,


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i guess that's  what  i   will have  to  do   will  take  longer  but i  guess I  can  get  it  to  work  thanks  Ron

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As Ron already stated, the only workaround is to sequence it "piece meal" and sequence a piece at a time. I might mention that the way I came up with the price for the different license levels in SuperStar was to take 10% of the price of the CCRs it exports. For the 24 CCR license the price is 5% of the cost of the CCRs it exports. At a price of $250 for a CCR:

2 CCRs (300 channels) = $500 SuperStar license = $49.95

4 CCRs (600 channels) = $1000 SuperStar license = $99.95

8 CCRs (1200 channels) = $2000 SuperStar license = $199.95

24 CCRs (3600 channels) = $6000 SuperStar license = $299.95

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