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Merry Christmas Sign ----- 2.0


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Some of you may recall that last Christmas (on Christmas day for that matter) a 75MPH wind gust took out our Merry Christmas sign that was on the roof. Sandra (also celebrating her birthday that day..) was NOT amused and proclaimed the roof to be off-limits to decorations... I say that with humor... it really scared her to have that big sign come sailing off the roof...


Enter Merrry Christmas Sign 2.0..... The MC sign was a beloved part of our display and always recevied a lot of comments. It was simple yet it was always a focal point (probably becasue of its size)...


We redesigned it from the ground up. It sports a new frame, mounts on the ground and instead of using C9's to make the dots of each letter we moved to 30mm pixels...


As with all of our projects, we try to document the process. So here is a short "test" video of the sign. The test was put together in about 5 mins using LOR SE (I dont have enough license yet to create and export anything from SS).


There are more details on the build in the How-To on our website:



The how-to is still a work in progress...

The video can be seen from either the BLOG tab on the site or here on Vimeo:




Thanks for looking and as always comments (good and bad) are welcomed.


Bob and Sandra





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Thanks Doug ..

It was certainly a


Labor of design

Labor of soldering

Labor of manufacturing

Labor of soldering

Labor of $$$$

Labor of soldering

Labor of sequencing

Labor of soldering


You get the picture .. LOL ..


A labor of love...

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Really nice can you give a link to where you got the pixels at  and  how many on each letter   thank you

Would be happy to .. I bought them from Ray Wu. The link to the pixels are here:



The specs on the sign

Total Pixels = 219


Each letter is based on a 5x7 dot matrix

Letters =  M   E  R   R Y      C  H   R   I    S   T  M   A  S

Pixels =   17 18 18 18 9     13 17 18 15 15 11 17 18 15



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