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Bought a sequence from the store.

I payed with pay pal then it took me back to store login.

Had to make a new log in username and password.

So I get the conformation about my login sent to my email address but haven't received the sequence yet?

Have waited an hour and so I go to store and check my account.

Look in recent orders and its blank.

Am I being to impatient?  

How long does it take before you receive the sequence ?




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when I ordered a sequence I got a e-mail in less than a minute and was able to download it then.

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Thanks Larry,

Looking at paypal there is nothing listed for LOR, so I guess something must of went wrong. Funny that pay pal went threw all the correct actions but didn't make payment after it said it had. No verification from paypal either. Guess I will try again. 

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Well it worked that time after I was already logged in. This time it asked for my phone number twice and agree to there disclaimer thingy.

Anyhow got it sorted hope I only see 1 bill for it lol.

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