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A new prop I'm toying around with

Ron Boyd

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A quick video of a prop I'm thinking of doing. Probably be for next year, 'cos I'm finished adding anything else this year. I thought the couple of effects were very cool and wanted to share.


Enjoy :)


Huh! It seems the video is not working here. Click on VIMEO in the video window. It works on the site.

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Brian, you did notice I was using the smooth effects right? I got almost the same effect from the shockwave as I did with 36 morphs.


Just couldn't lead with the single white pixel. Do you think that could maybe be added to the smooth effects? An option for the first pixel to be white?

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Actually I did not notice, now that I look closer I can see that it is just one effect on the right so it has to be a smooth effect. Cool!

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Ok I had a few request for how I did this. As I said earlier, this will be added for the 2014 show but feel free to copy this if you want. Here's the write-up on how I did it:



        As I found out from Brian, Superstar is set up for matrices, so there are a few things to do when/if you want to do one of these.

  1. Create one arm with single bulbs as RGB, combine those to a prop. Then, use the rename wizard to rename the prop. Mine is “Arm # 01”
  2. Copy/paste the prop and rename to “Arm # 02” and so on until you get however many arms you’re doing.

I did 14 Pixels per arm and 12 arms with the first pixel on each arm to the inside. It comes out to 504 channels or 168 RGB channels. I did this so I could stay inside 1 DMX Universe.

     3. Once the visualizer file is complete, and you have a prop made for each leg, there are a few comments to make in the comment line on the prop properties.

In the “Comments” line, you’ll need to enter a string of words so Superstar will know what to do with the fan, since it’s not a matrix. You’ll need to enter these on each arm/prop.

“superstar row=1 column=1”

“superstar row=1 column=2”


Do this for each arm. If you’ll notice from the drawing, the last 2 arms are highlighted yellow. Here’s why. Once I got all the comments in all the way up to “superstar row=1 column=12”, I imported  the .lee file into Superstar. I then clicked on each box on the top row to check if each arm would perform properly. The first 10 were exactly as I thought they would be but the
11 and 12 column were reversed. The string in the comments section would read as this:

“superstar reverse row=1 column=11”
“superstar reverse row=1 column=12”.

The “reverse”, is what makes it right.

Double check and make sure it’s highlighting the right pixel in the prop by doing the same procedure as explained above. (Note- take out the reverse in the last 2 arms and see what SS does as far as where each arm starts).


       4.Once you’re visualizer file is complete and you have it imported into Superstar, you’re ready to sequence.



I’ve included the SS file from the screen capture above and the .lee file as well as the exported .las file. You can take a look at the morphs and the smooth effects and see how I set it up. There are 36 morphs in the first section, 12 each of a white pixel head with Red, Green and Blue tails The 2nd and 3rd are the smooth effects “Shockwave”. I just moved the effect to a different position for the 2nd shockwave effect and added a second one identical to the first.. If you don’t have 3.10.6 you may not be able to see them, since it was introduced in that version.


Hope this helps some of you out. The Pixburst that I’ll have in my show this year is where the Fan idea came from. It’s not a new concept, but I think, expanded on an original idea.


Feel free to copy the idea if you want.





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