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Newbie w/ lighting question


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I used LOR last year for my first time, using my old holiday lights it came out very nice. This year I am looking to add more controllers and all new lights. I have researched my fingers to the bone and need advice.

What is the best LED lights to purchase to use the color changing and chase modes for LOR? Can any LED light do this or do I have to use pixels or cosmic color ribbon?

Just trying to save some $ :)

Thank You...

Stressed Mom in Texas...lol

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Are you looking for chasing like in an arch?

Are you looking for something that is more or less plug and play?

I was...I chose LORs CCR and made 16' arches

The DIY route is cheaper but no real support and it would require more thinking on my part.

 (video done by someone watching the show)
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Yes like chasing on arches...have you seen the sexy n I know it video w the talking pumpkin faces? The outline of the roof on the house is what im trying to acheive. cosmic color ribbon will run me about $2000... The guy doesnt put a very descipted forum of what he uses so I figured someone on here can help me. You can contact me email if its faster


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